Field Trips, Moms Night Out, Book club and playgroups

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One of the most significant benefits of playgroups is the opportunity for children to socialize with peers. Children who attend playgroups are exposed to other kids of similar ages, and this can help them learn essential social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and problem-solving and make memories.

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Organizing monthly field trips with other kids offers several benefits for both moms and children. Field trips provide hands-on learning experiences that can enhance children’s understanding of various subjects in a fun and engaging way. They offer kids the chance to interact with peers, building social skills and fostering friendships in a relaxed setting. These trips create shared experiences that strengthen the bond between moms and their...

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Tummy time helps babies build the strength in their neck, shoulders, arms, and trunk to roll over, sit up, crawl, and eventually walk. It also improves their ability to control their muscles and move around. So what better then to help your little one develop around friends also while spending time with other mamas and socializing.

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Moms’ night out

Getting out and socializing helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and feelings of burnout. It provides a much-needed emotional boost and a sense of normalcy. Regular nights out with other moms help in deepening friendships, creating a strong support network that can be relied upon in both good and challenging times. These outings offer opportunities to try new activities, visit new places, and have new experiences that...

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Book clubs can be highly beneficial for mothers for several reasons. They provide a sense of community and a chance to connect with other moms, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation. Reading and discussing books can be a great mental exercise, offering a break from daily routines and stimulating intellectual growth. We encourage taking time for oneself, promoting relaxation and self-care, which are crucial for mental health. Also...