Let's talk some SNOT! You know, those slimy, messy BOOGERS our beautiful babes bless us with. Snot comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But when should we be worried? What do these colors mean? Here is a quick little chart to help you understand your babe's boogies next time he or she has the sniffles and runny nose.



Some moms wake up extra early to go grocery shopping solo. Or they save that Target trip for late at night when the mini people are sleeping and Daddy is home to house sit.

I get it. A solo store trip sounds FAB! And I've done it a few times....and I don't think it's THAT amazing. I know, you probably think I'm nuts you solo-store-trippin' mama ....but hear me out.

I'm a major extrovert, like major. I used to cry when my hub would come home from work (this was before I discovered Stroller Strides and made mom friends) because I was just so damn happy to not be alone! (Laugh away, I do when I think about it,too)

When I go to the store (any store!) with my kids, people look at me, they smile, say hi, we even have full blown conversations. And not just about the kids either, about organic vs regular produce, why I'm putting $6 bread in my shopping cart, which carne asada flavor do you like best...ALL.KINDS.OF.CONVOS!

It's like I'm at a party mixing and mingling with people (yes, I'm aware that probably means I don't get out very often.).

But when...


Weekends - we all have them, even when we don't really notice the difference between our Wednesdays or Sundays when sleeping in or getting a full nights rest is nonexistent! For us, a simple weekend involves a little too much TV, random organizing, a few loads of laundry, and eating or throwing out all the week's leftovers. Last weekend after we did some house chores and laundry, we made a plan to (hopefully) accomplish three things: take the kids to the park, get dinner, and go to the store. My mind and body did not want to do any of the above (I really wanted to take advantage of a Sunday nap, while my husband did all the fun Dad things he gets too busy in the week to do)! With bitterness and mom-attitude, I picked myself up, grabbed some shades and flip-flops and headed out on one of the first warm, sunny days this year.

The sun was shining a little too warm in the lit spots, yet it was nice enough with a January breeze to tolerate playing frisbee, soccer, and watching my kids befriend their park community. After about 45 minutes, I suddenly started getting anxious...


Dear Procrastinator Parents,

I wish this was a letter praising you for your efforts to delay the endless to-dos or burdens of responsibility. Trust me, the anti-conventional, carefree lifestyle has always been my forte. Whether it was writing that last minute essay, planning what to do on the weekends…on the weekend…, getting that last minute birthday present on our way to the party, or deciding what to eat for dinner at dinner time, I simply do not like the constrictions of a schedule, or, more accurately, being told what to do.

However, I, too, quickly realized that children make everything a little more difficult with keeping up with the free-spirited hippy mantra. With all the sibling rivalries, trying to establish my parental authority and stay consistent with my yes’ and no’s, or just tolerating all that constant noise (aka screaming) can really challenge just how much composure one needs. Alas, for the homemaker AND working mom, the truth is routines are important. Of course, changing behaviors learned over the years is easier said than done....


Dirty laundry...yes, I love Carrie too!

But this is about actual L A U N D R Y....

I have 3 kids. And a hubby. I workout for a living which means my clothes need a L E G I T wash each time I wear them. I live in #activewear (Do you remember that parody?? Hilarious!)

Do you have 5 people in your household? Have you seen the amount of laundry that one tiny little person adds to your pile??? Jesus, it's a lot!

Soooooo.....I let my kids, and myself, wear dirty jeans. Yep, I admit it. We wear dirty jeans. And don't act like you don't because I'm a chick and I do recall my bangin-bod-out-all-night days where you don't wash your fave pair of ever!

And you know old habits die hard and your kids are also wearing dirty jeans and if you're actually not... then you are doing WAY.TOO.MUCH.LAUNDRY!

What is it about jeans that makes us think they somehow don't need to be washed as often as other clothes???

And WHHHYYY oh why do I have so many piles of laundry?!?!? I have clean piles and dirty piles and sometimes they...


February is approaching which means we’ll, once again, be running around doing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE for this flippin’ holiday about love( why did that need to be a thing?? I’m sure someone knows the origins but really? C’mon!). We shop for and put together the class room treats, the V-Day cards, the special little gifts for the kids, gotta make the hub feel special, too= more running around.

It’s a never ending cycle of moms adding more to their plates than we actually need to. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the running around and the end product of said craziness. It really is fun! But it’s also sooooo exhausting… Who finishes all of that and says “Yep, I’m ready to party!” ???? Not me! It’s more like, “And now I need a break.”

How do we get that break though? We are the care takers, the organizers, the planners of all things in the world. I’ve got you, mama!

Call Grandma!

Yep, call her! An overnight at grandma’s house can do wonders for the soul! It took having my third child go through a 2 month sleep regression before I...


I'm busy. You're busy. We're moms, it comes with the territory. But seriously, I love spending time with you! I N E E D mom friends...and so do you. It recharges us to be around other moms in the trenches, to talk about the poop we cleaned with someone else who cleaned poop. When I talk about how the hubs only wants to take 1 kid when I'd really like to leave them all for that Target run, you get it!

Thank you for getting it. Thanks for always sharing your mom stories with me and for letting me share mine. And you know what, it makes us closer! We may not be on drop-by-without-notice terms just yet, but you brought us one step closer by exchanging stories with me today ;-)

I know a little bit more about you and you about me and we laughed and we connected about more than the kids, even though that's where it started.

I encourage every mama on the playground, the indoor jump place, school drop off and pick talk to your fellow mamas. We are all wandering around wondering if we should say something to each other so just DO IT!

And to all the moms...

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